I am a researcher with a background is in Triassic vertebrate palaeontology, and I have broad interests in evolutionary sciences.

I am based in the EDDy lab at the University of Liège, investigating the interaction of 3D and 2D quantitative osteological morphology with phylogeny.

Until recently I was working as part of the ERC TEMPO project of Prof. Roger Benson at the University of Oxford. This project aims to investigate large-scale patterns in tetrapod morphological evolution through deep time. My part of the project was focusing on Mesozoic - especially Triassic - taxa, in particular archosaurs and their relatives. I continue to be involved in collecting and working with both 3D surface-scan data and conventional morphometric measurements.

Between 2017–2019 I was based in the Müller lab at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. I graduated from my PhD in 2017 with the Butler lab at the University of Birmingham. Get in touch for a detailed CV.

Please find links to PDFs of all my publications and data, and teaching resources.

Do contact me if you need anything.

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